03 May 2021

Although no gift in the world could adequately express the gratitude you have for your mom, there are a few things you could get her to make her everyday life sweeter. Moms are known for being the best homemakers and take pride in the spaces they have created. If you have a house-proud mom, below is the ultimate gift guide to help you spoil her just in time for Mother’s Day:

Gifts for the green-thumb mum
For those with moms who treat their plants like pets, we’d recommend any indoor plant or a range of cute ceramic succulents that they could place around their home. For added sentimental value, buy a plain pot and paint a design onto the opt yourself. Not only will your gift add lush greenery to their space, but every time they water their plant they’ll think of you.

Gifts for the home-office mom
If your mom prides herself on the aesthetic of her workspace, we’d recommend a personalized gift such as a custom-made calendar that could be fixed to her wall – print a family photo next to each month to score bonus points for your thoughtfulness. Top Tip: when purchasing storage items or small Knick Knacks for her desk, try to stick to her chosen colour palette and theme of her workspace. 

Gifts for the scent-obsessed mom

Most house-proud mom’s make an effort to ensure that their home smells warm and welcoming at all times. If this sounds like your mom, you could gift her with candles or a scent diffuser. If you’d like to get your mom something fancier and long-lasting, an air purifier or the very trendy essential oil diffuser is another great option.

Gifts for the Master Chef mom
A cookbook from their favourite chef would make for the perfect gift for the mom who loves to create masterpieces in the kitchen. If you’d like to reduce the amount of time your mom spends cooking, we recommend buying her an air fryer. If your mom runs on caffeine and good news, it may be time to upgrade her coffee bar with a fancy Nespresso machine. For moms who love using fresh ingredients, an indoor herb garden starter kit could be the perfect gift.

Gifts for the music-loving mom
For the old school moms who love a little nostalgia, it might be worthwhile to gift her with a record player along with a few vinyl records of her favourite musicians. If, however, your mom resonates more with the wonders of technology, you could get her an Amazon/Google smart home device. This way your mom can be doing whatever she likes around the home and command Alexa to play her favourite song.

The ultimate gift for your house-proud mom
If you’re able to afford it, the ultimate gift for the house-proud mom may be renovating a room in her home that she’s been hoping to upgrade for ages. However, if your mom hasn’t been enjoying her space, it might be time for a change of view. If your mom is hesitant to start searching for a new home on her own, give her the gift of your time by offering to reach out to a real estate agent on her behalf and join in on the house-hunting process with her. 

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